We offer Transportation Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It would be a pleasure to drive you to the airport, Greyhound, train station, Mega bus, Corporate meeting or across town.

  • All drivers carry Metro area Street Maps and GPS.
  • Our vehicles are radio dispatched so that we can give you the first available vehicle in your area.
  • 24 Hours advance scheduling on arranged pickup times to get you to that important appointment.

Our rates are regulated by the counties we serve:

DeKalb County Rate

  • $2.25 first 1/8 of mile
  • $0.25 each add 1/8 of mile
  • $21.00/hour waiting time
  • $1.00 each additional passenger
  • $6.00 minimum/trip

Gwinnett County Rate

  • $2.00 first 1/7 of mile
  • $0.25 each add 1/7 of mile
  • $18.00/hour waiting time
  • $1.00 each additional passenger

Call us now to book your taxi at :

770-559-1438 678-832-5390 404-748-2386

We accept all major credit cards.